Bookstore Inventory & Order Management

Simple inventory management and order processing in your store’s administration panel.

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COMING SOON: Integration with Ingram Consumer Direct Fulfillment for new book listings.

ChrisLands, Inventory and Order Management

Inventory & Orders

Simple inventory management and order processing in your store’s administration panel.

ChrisLands, Your payment methods equals your money

Payment Gateway Integration

It is your money. Connect your store to your payment gateway account and have your money deposited directly into your account.

ChrisLands has 34 million ISBNs with stock publisher data and/or images.

Stock Data

Opt-in to use stock publisher data and images. We have over 34 million ISBNs with images and/or publisher data.

Automatically link to your Libro.FM Audiobooks Affiliate, Indie Partner, account.

Libro.Fm Indie Partner

Automatically link to your Audiobooks Indie-Partner account. Find out more.

Image Uploads

Upload and save your images in one place.

Data Downloads

Download inventory, orders, and customers.

Customer Accounts

View customer information.

Inventory Upload

Upload Inventory Files.

Shipping/Tax Configuration

Configure Taxes and Shipping.

Gift Wrapping

Offer Gift Wrapping.

Use Categories

Define your inventory with categories.

And Even More

Too Much to list here.

Inventory & Order Management Services and File Formats

ChrisLands supports the following inventory file formats and Inventory & Order Management Services. The services listed allow a store to manage inventory and orders in one location while having their inventory updated in and orders pulled from many marketplaces, marketplaces the store has chosen to list inventory.

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